July 2, 2022

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11 thoughts on “Spilling sugar On Your Favorite Couples

  1. I know for fact he cheats because I saw him in oak room here in Charlotte with a white bitch in vip she lives in Raleigh and he pays for everything for her she had no interest in exposing him because he gives her whatever she wants. And she signed a nda everyone from here knows about it they just don’t say nothing .

    1. Are there other women that you know of? Some people don’t want to put out the true tea on Steph for whatever reason but have no problem mentioning how Lebron cheats.

      1. Well LeBron is a KNOWN cheater and you’re mad because no one has came out and said anything about Steph maybe he’s a good husband

  2. I Loveeee Me Someee Ayesha & Steph❤️❤️❤️❤️ I forgot about Boris & Nicole not surprised about Gabby b/c she a pass around and freak in Hollywood 🥴

  3. @Fatty who are you talking about?? Steph or Kojo? Don’t leave us all hanging lol People cheat, it’s human nature, specially men. People confuse lust and love…my humble opinion.

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