July 2, 2022

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9 thoughts on “Sugar Cubes Chloe Bailey Nicki and Cardi Rappers of Today Being Killed and Locked Up

  1. Chole has an Amazing Voice but I believe Normani is More Talented and her Music is better but b/c she’s under Roc Nation and Giselle insecurity and her time ticking in the industry before they deactivate her she’s stopping Normani baggg and I believe that’s why she’s soo close to Megan b/c Megan ain’t please neither ; GG is are absolutely right about these rappers they dropping like flies allot of these rappers idk 🤷🏼‍♀️ but two from DC that signed labels are now dead the shesssh is Krazy🤦🏼‍♀️ As for Cardi and Nicki I think they are both cordial I heard they spoke at the Met Gala but I think it’s as far as it goes 🤷🏼‍♀️

    1. Yes you are right about everything. My sister and i compared normanis and chloes songs yesterday and said normani is better. She had more of an R&B style. Even motivation is better than treat me and lord have mercy and that song came out in 2019. I like chloes drive but maybe she shouldn’t be under beyonce. I don’t think she’s going to be quiet. Halle can back her up or either let her get her ownself hemmed up.

    1. Always. If they sign and invest in any artist the label gets an insurance policy. Now I think they sign these guys and don’t even bother to invest other than a mixtape then they wait to cash in after they get killed

  2. It’s not just the fans it’s celebrities when they feel like they were wronged by one then it’s team so and so and the blogs and people that do commentary

  3. I definitely feel like Quavo and all the migos maybe minus takeoff was fueling that beef like messy broads. Offset was probably only doing it cause cardi was girl and Quavo was probably just slickly siding with his homie who was siding with his girl…but he also was probably mad that Nicki wouldn’t give him the meek treatment and get him some more clout and attention.

    I’m still so mad she ever gave that clown any type of play. Seeing how he acted after saweetie he definitely was being petty cause he wasn’t getting his way. Also don’t forget he dropped that huncho dreams record basically spilling all they personal tea out of spite. Telling what went down when they smashed and everything.

    Now since the migos is clearly on the outs maybe we can see if that extra added messiness being taken away can lead to some resolution between Nicki and cardi. Also if the industry will allow it cause they was too blame too for that drama.

  4. IDK but whats up with pkwood , are they just a label dont they have any other hot rappers or producers to collab Chlxe with ala ZSA TDE ? CHLXE WANTS TO GET DROPPED bcuz she doesnt believe the staff is worth the money ! The issue isnt with TkTk , CHLXE WANTS TO SING POWER BALLADS and now is not the time for that yet — if Chlxe doesnt drink or smoke her music will never make an impact in the clubs unless she actually starts being visible on the low vibrational club scene nationwide ! What records allowed DC4 to break thru on the club scene not the radio 20+ years ago ? No No No Remix and Jumpin Jumpin Remix . Giselle has to notice by now that none of drill or trap rappers are organically going out of their way to remix Chlxe records , which ALLEGEDLY will lead into my next theory about Norm vz Chlxe and the Giselle sabotage SMDH !

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