July 2, 2022

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8 thoughts on “Hot Takes 6/10/2022

  1. I hope he marries his ex and Lori gotta eat it. Lori gonna hurt behind MJB. He was just too big to do this too. I hope her momma magick strong bc she getting some static. She’s a great choice bc she been evil and untouched. She won’t be for long

    1. this sonds dumb as hell. Lori Is not hurting, she is dating around like young women her age do. And MBJ aint all that to be tearing down this young black woman for. Yall do the most.

  2. Mike B is going to be alright
    Paige might go to AEW
    Good for Daniel, hopefully this hasn’t done any damage to his career
    Ciara is back doing music is good
    Lori for the streets

  3. Ciara is back with Jazze Pha is the best news I’ve seen in awhile. They are like Timbaland/Aaliyah with the music, it just works.

  4. I noticed that every award show doesn’t show Normani love. They don’t nominate her, ask her to perform or present. Wild side was a huge it. If any other artist had this song and video, they would perform it everywhere. She should have been performing at every award shows and all we got was 1 performance that they didn’t event invite her to perform until the last minute. In my opinion she had the best video of the year. It’s one thing for the big award shows to ignore you but BET wow. However, Chloe is invited to every award show. She is talented but her single did not perform better than wild side.

    It does make you wonder what’s going on behind the scenes. In addition, Normani has so many people that are not routing for her (some old fifth harmony fans, Nikki fans, Camila fans, her fans that were mad that cardi was on the song).

    Why didn’t her 1st album ever come out? Was it because her mom was sick? Why is the second album taking forever? Her team is trash. She rarely has any interviews or performances with major media outlets.

    If queen B is behind this, this is truly sad. I have never seen an artist have so many people routing for her failure inside the industry and outside the industry. I wish her nothing but the best. I will support her.

      The reason Norm hasnt dropped by now is because SHE IS RESPONSIBLE FOR RECOUPING 5H all by herself WTF !

      IDK but the EP of 5H gets a big chunk of everything they sell right ? What happens if EP get swept by the MIB , those EU feds are different so the EP gives the catalog to make a deal , now 5H is revenue generating as a group so now the Men In Black are now the EP now okay you will get the point now follow anybody with common sense would tell 5H to get out of their contract asap bcuz working to pay off a big fine means they are gonna get a nonstop 360 slave deal ? Cam found out all of this and bought her way out ahead of time to go solo . Now when the news was drop on 4H they had to decide to add a new member or continue right , well if its 360 slave season one member waits until the day of and announces 4H is a wrap bcuz she is expecting ? Does this make sense or should I continue with the rest SMDH .

  5. IDK but its a whole summer later and I am past describing what the issue is ALLEDGEDLY with Norm at this point SMDH .

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