July 2, 2022

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15 thoughts on “Quick Hits Lori Harvey , Caresha, Lauren London

  1. How was Lauren in mourning when she help set up nipsey all them Mfers was involved in his death that boy ain’t do that why u think nobody talk about anymore he was an industry sacrifice Lauren is diddy sex slave and in his lil cult and caresha has no idea what she getting herself into

  2. I think lori misses future lol she probably thinking she could have been where caresha is today.

    Caresha pleaseeeeee.she want that baby.

    Mjb doesn’t give me vibes that he’ll be a step dad but lauren will be better fit for him. He must be ready to settle down though not flinging it out.

  3. Lori got a few chicks Shook🥴😭😭😭 I’m 1000% Sure Yung Miami is HOOKED on Puffy (that’s how I know him fu$k Diddy) 😂Yung Miami wants reassurance from Puffy but idk Lori got Game and the Gurlsss are SHOOK 😭😭🤭 I do see Lori & Future rekindling (if soo Lori likes him) but I can see Jake Harlow & Lori linked b/c he’s bout to blow up 🤷🏼‍♀️I think Lauren London reaching out to MJB well one thing for sure Lauren is a very private person so MJB ain’t gotta worry about that and Yess I see Lori tryna get back wit MJB but it may be tooo lateee👀

  4. Lauren only likes bad boys so no… wont work. And i hope lori does something to make these men mad again

  5. Lori Harvey took a hit this time. Future takes her back he is dogging her out. And her brand isn’t this solid. She taking a hit for her hoe moves this time. And Lauren is perfect bc they would be too cute. I’m done w Lori. Wont buy her crap no more

  6. Word on the curb is Lori real boyfriend somewhere behind the scenes because that relationship was PR to begin with….

  7. I just don’t think Lori and MJb are over. I think he really really wants to be with her and she is a complete fool if she gets back with any of these other guys Who are going to use her

  8. ‘m sorry but I hate this narrative that people, esp black people, are running with about Lori. I’m hoping she leaves all of these degenerates anon and finds her another actor or a billionaire. She’s young, beautiful and single

  9. Lori would be dumb to go back to Future like how do you double back to that after getting a Top A-Lister that treated you like a queen *as far as we know*? As for the others the only reason Diddy would make sense is cause of money but again MBJ should’ve opened doors for her to get an even richer man, so why settle into Diddy’s harem when you could go get one of them rich black actors or a Leo DiCaprio or Tom Holland if that’s what she wants hahaha has her mother taught her nothing about obtaining the REAL Bag?

    The only reason Jack Harlow would make sense is cause they trying to pair him with a sista anyway so they could help each other. Jack gets more points with black women and builds a stronger fan base with them, and hell Lori would do the same among white men and once again get doors opened for her to get a richer Hollywood man cause you know they love stalking the rappers and finding the women they smash.

    Diddy and Caresha is just further pushing along this sugar baby/sugar daddy agenda the industry is shoving down young girl’s throats, but you can tell some feelings is invested cause otherwise they wouldn’t be so open with this entanglement…or at least caresha wouldn’t cause we know Diddy gonna have women around in the open regardless. Caresha trying to push the boss bitch get the bag narrative cause people is watching but I’m sure she probably starting to try to convince him to drop the other chicks and be exclusive so she don’t look like a dick sharer. She better call Cassie so she can tell her how that is NOT gonna happen Chile.

  10. If Lori’s as smart as I hope she is she’ll leave diddley Diddy’s old ass in the dust

    I was starting to get the feeling that Caresha was falling off from her City Girl ish, she needs to be careful and get her feelings in check cause Diddley is not the one to be catching feelings for 🥴

  11. LMAO dont yall realize the perfect pr relationship for Mz Loraine ?

    The QB of the Browns .

    IDK but if Hitower is smart as he thinks he is LORAINE SHOULD BE BLOWING UP D.W@TSON agent for the linkup . $200m guaranteed contract young talented and an exciting playmaker , but he wont make it if he keeps getting nuru massages from random thots . LMAO the least she could do is rub his throwing arm for him keep him out of trouble and play the @yesha Curree role SMDH !

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