July 2, 2022

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24 thoughts on “Behind The Scenes Rihanna Hung Up On Jay-z and Giselle

  1. Lawdddd 😭😭😭🤣 I LOVE RIRI 🥰❤️❤️❤️ Why Now… to push the World to talk aboutGiselle Wife at the end of her Music Career🥴 I Agree and Stand wit RiRi on this…it’s A Nooooo😭😭😭😝

  2. Oh Beyoncé must be desperate. She said she would never record with Rihanna because she didn’t think she was talented.

  3. Rihanna absolutely does NOT need a song with Beyoncé. It will flop. Keep disconnecting them, Robyn.

  4. We definitely see the desperation on Beyoncé’s part. Not only did she say she’ll never do a song with her, but the audacity after she has a baby ask her to rush a song because your career is pretty much over. Immediately no and Rihanna should stand her ground.

  5. Jay Z knows “soon” means put the baby in his bassinet and get to the studio right now! I’m sure Rihanna saw right through the BS and called his bluff cause I bet it ain’t the first time he’s rushed her to the studio. He should’ve known better than to bring Beyoncé into the mix cause rih REALLY ain’t about to Do it, he should’ve pulled one of his sneak tactics if he wants a rih x Beyoncé record.

    And let’s be honest beyonce don’t wanna do the record either I’m almost 100% sure but she also doesn’t know how to speak up against her husband so she probably sat there silent and then didn’t flinch an inch when rih hung up the phone. She probably glad she did. She should learn some pointers tbh.

    I’m more shocked at a representative having to meditate between Jay and Rih when it comes to business or maybe I’m reading it wrong…

  6. Jay is going to get his. Judgment is coming at a rampant rate, especially how the state of the Earth. God (Bibical) is pulling back his mercy for some people. Jay is the reason why these two do not get along. Rihanna needs to stay away from him. Beyonce needs to divorce him and get away from him for her own safety. Aaliyah, Cathy White, Rihanna, and Beyonce are all connected, and it is more than knowing Jay-Z.

  7. 😂😂😂😂😂I would have hung up too. Jay and bey are bored. She should just go live Or make a tik tok video if she’s that desperate. They know people are still hoping for another album from Rih so they trying to hop on the reign but rih said uh uh and hung up😂😂😂😂😂😂😂. Like wtf beyonce do something new. Change your hair color. Engage with the fans. Jeuelz the only one trying to keep us entertained from that family. Lol

    1. So funny, they need her now, when J and B stopped her documentary (she was going to address the J affair rumors) and ruined her Anti album (that was her best album, in my opinion). That also speaks volumes about where J and B are in the industry. I have a feeling that the higher-ups are going to turn on that couple. I hope they get right and get saved. All of them because it will be a waste if you live in a hell on Earth and go to hell in the afterlife.

  8. Lmao y’all hate Beyoncé bad! This was clearly a chess move by Jay, if Bey wanted the song from raggedy ass rih she would’ve done it when she was actually hot. Nobody checking for rih we wanna see the baby – the fans begged her for new music for 7 years and she gave y’all every thing else. We gotta stop blaming everyone for Jay-z devilish ways !

    1. Nobody hates her..we just aren’t under her spell & c through them & the games they’ve played & the way they’ve treated other artists ( esp females)

      Beyoncé knows her last couple of projects & even her joint one with j didn’t do good & after the initial buzz she creates, they fall outta charts and don’t sell well.
      Ofc she is clearly trying to create mega buzz around her new album & prob trying to get Rihanna & Nicki or cardi to help as they have large fandoms.

      If you go look on Twitter you will see that Rihanna and Kendrick & Adele ( before the last two dropped) where topping every list of most anticipated 2022 albums, I think elle, billboard etc had also had public voted lists, which you can check.

      Rihanna currently has still an album charting ( longest charting album by a black Woman and 4th longest charting album by a female)
      She hasn’t left the top 10 daily streamed females ( while Beyoncé doesn’t even break top 20.
      Did you ever think that Rih refuses to drop because of them leaking album?
      Did you ever think Rih isn’t doing music because they keep blocking her & things like her doc?
      It’s also been reported that Bey takes any music that gets sent through roc nation for Rih & keeps it for herself.

  9. They ALL made a deal with the devil for money and fame, so why should we feel sorry for them in anyway?

  10. They’re about 10 years too late with this, they shouldn’t be so sure it would break the internet, it’s not the 2010s anymore. They shouldn’t done this back when everyone was begging for it

  11. If Beyoncé needs a song that’ll pick up buzz, she could easily do a song with her protege Chloe but I don’t think Beyoncé is very fond of the idea of possibly being out sang.

    1. And now this weirdo has B7 and B8 on her website. We all know the name that was floating around of Rihanna’s long anticipated album was R8. They are very strange people.

      1. Rihanna started the r and number thing with rated r and then talked about r6 in her album booklet and a lot of those fan bases then started doing the same.
        Rihanna def a trendsetter but doesn’t get much credit outside of fashion

  12. IDK but the real collab that would shake the internet would actually be Giselle and K.G@tes too , LMAO there is so much drama around them would she break her ALLEDGED policy of not collab with rappers who have been publicly shot at ?

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