July 2, 2022

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2 thoughts on “Michael B Jordan and Lori Harvey Called it Quits in Early April

  1. Sounds like he ain’t out here looking for a one time thing or something just to pass the time in general, he actually wants to be tied down and in a serious relationship. All these different women sound like they was just trying to have some fun with a big Hollywood name whether it’s for clout or brownie points.

    Lori herself sound like she wasn’t trying to go the distance either, now some will say it’s because she’s a gold digger just like her mama and always been one so no shock she didn’t want serious or it could be because she’s still young and Just ain’t ready for that yet.

    Only ones that don’t make sense as to why it never came about is Nicki and Charlize. I’m willing to bet MBJ was too Hollywood for Nicki so that’s why she didn’t wanna fake date. She’s never been into PR Stunts and she likes hood dudes even though they sometimes ain’t good for her. Idk why Charlize didn’t get chose, maybe he just wasn’t feeling her like she thought or maybe he was focused on fighting the I don’t like black women rumors to help his image.

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