July 2, 2022

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4 thoughts on “Hot Takes 5/19/2022

  1. The Rocky song itself wasn’t that great but the visuals were cute and bubbly. Seems like Rocky has always been great at visuals but the lyrics are for people who do LSD and pills or something lol

    I too felt like drake would say something only after chris cause he don’t want to look like the bitter ex even though…Chile nvm lol I think the only reason Chris even said anything is because the baby is a Taurus just like him haha rih probably used to talk smack about Taurus’s and Chris is like welp haha

    Hey saweetie is smart cause people stay getting dragged in the beef when they work with one over the other….the question is though is either Nicki or cardi hurting for a saweetie feature to where they would do that? I don’t think so haha only person I can honestly see getting away with that is drake. Cause a drake feature has benefit for both of them, Cardi gets a big feature from the biggest male rapper & Nicki gets a check overall. Plus I think drake is the only one who can get through to Nicki in order for her to do that, when he talks about business.

    1. I also think if drake is gonna say anything he’s gonna put it in a record vs an IG Post. Otherwise he might just send a congratulations gift. To rih of course not Rocky hahaha

  2. Drake not gone say nothing out loud and truth is he don’t have to, he messed up she moved on he learning to live with it

  3. No RIh 🙁 But I completely understand! I always believed that Zendaya and Tom were bearding for each other. I keep asking for her other tea, like how did she become the ‘It Girl’ despite not being a good actor. I still think she was a Weinstein girl but nevertheless,

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