July 2, 2022

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4 thoughts on “What Happened? Offset Unfollows Quavo and Takeoff, Who have a new song coming Together

  1. Quavo was the star of the group, the only reason why offset started to blow up a bit more is because he married Cardi. At this point people tend to view him as her husband more than a rapper but hey best of luck to him on whatever journey he takes he really has to come hard with the solo stuff to step out that shadow because it is super hard to be viewed as anything other than so and so’s significant other when the other partner is bigger than you….Meek once he got with Nicki was viewed as the boyfriend instead of the rapper. Karrueche once she left Chris still got viewed as the ex girlfriend and to this day still gets viewed as just Chris Brown’s ex by some but she’s worked at getting her own identity. Good Luck!

    1. I have to say no. I remember my son and his friends talking about how much they loved Offsets pieces, and this was wayyy before Cardi. I believe he was always in jail

  2. IDK but based on recent events it is not a good idea for any rappers to have any type of acronym on their IG name ?

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