July 2, 2022

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8 thoughts on “Hoe Tales 5/16/2022 Oh They Smashed? OMG

  1. I remember John Wall @ karrueche on Twitter back in like 2013 and there was rumors about them even then when Chris had dumped her and got back with Rih. Fast forward to like 2018 she went to one of his parties and the rumors started back up but then she went public with Victor Cruz.

    Kae clearly likes the athletes but it’s a athlete with a certain look cause Victor and John Wall have some similarities in the face…brownskin, with etch a sketch beards and tattoo’s lol

  2. Could we get more on Cindy Kimberly? I recently realized she’s the same girl Justin Bieber “discovered”, I’d love a sugar bullets on her

  3. Celena still out there back and forth from Miami to La but it seems like she’s been quiet and low-key as of lately

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