August 15, 2022

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15 thoughts on “Hot Takes 5/9/2022

  1. G!!!! Now wait a minute…I wasn’t ready for that last take!! Did you just say “Jason” from GH wife cheated on him and is preggers by who she cheated on him with chile ??!!

    1. He was also fired from GH cuz he wouldn’t do the v@€€in and same for the guy who play Jax

  2. That KS 911 call was weird and brings up more questions than answers.
    How you don’t know if you’re in an apartment or house.

  3. Caresha needs to sit her hot in the cooch ass down, she’s grown, but damn anything to secure a bag huh?!

    1. Blade was a long ass time ago lol. Nobody cares about that. Any interesting tea on Jessica? Does Hollywood not wanna hire her? Seems like she only works in stuff she produces. Why she only doing weird murder/psycho roles?

  4. Gunna was just at the met gala, I wonder if they asked him to do something and he turned them down 🤔.

    1. Exact thing I was thinking but thug sacrificed one of his baby mamas so I wonder what’s really going on

      1. This is the one time where I whole heartedly believe it was genuinely some street shit and a sacrifice. It’s not a coincidence that after an attempt on Lucci’s life, Thug’s bm was murdered. This beef been deep and serious for yearssss. I think the murder investigation is ultimately what led to the RICO.

  5. Wasn’t Cardi just complaining about fame after the met gala incident and how she hates it, but she’s not leaving music? Ok…

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