May 23, 2022

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9 thoughts on “Sugar Bullets Karrine Steffans

  1. Tell us more! Was karrine making her way through the white executives too even though she ain’t a real celeb? Lol I feel like them white men was being nosy on the culture and testing her out too.

    It’s funny seeing women like Brittany Renner trying to recreate the karrine Steffan’s blueprint by getting passed around and then writing books or spilling tea but the difference between them and karrine is 1) karrine never cared about being called a hoe. She knew exactly what she was doing with men whether taken or not and only cared about the money and herself; meanwhile chicks like Brittany claim they don’t care but always explaining themselves and go on
    Platforms to justify why they do what they do and how it isn’t being hoe-like it’s taking advantage of being a woman or whatever the hell lol all it takes is one man of a certain status to slut shame and Brittany renner gets in the driver seat of that car and gets to ranting and preaching hoe gospel lol

    And 2) karrine played the silent role until men either tried to play her or the money stopped rolling in. That’s when she started spilling tea to either get the money back or to make ends meet. These other chicks so obsessed with clout or explaining themselves they ruin they bags by talking too much….or they get in they feelings over these dudes and wanna start making they presence known like that’s gonna stop other hoes from making moves when hell it never stopped them lol even when karrine was in her feelings and fell in love, she played her part.

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