July 2, 2022

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12 thoughts on “The Truth About Some Of The Met Gala Attendees this year EXCLUSIVE

  1. From the first 8 times Syndey displayed her breasts on Euphoria, anyone who watched that show knew she would be the knew it girl for it

  2. Sydney reminds me of myself and how people SEE me with my breasts and don’t see me. It’s not a nice feeling but you move on a b*tch so they can’t change there minds.

  3. Never watched the show, but people talk about how great it is. The comment above makes me not want to watch it.

  4. I haven’t watched euphoria and don’t plan on too. I like shows with low key actors/actresses. The media made me uninterested in a lot as far as certain shows and the people.

  5. There isn’t a lot of A list celebs at the Met gala because they’ve already did the dirty deeds to get their fame , they shown the Elites how much of a obedient slave they are it’s the Z listers time for rituals and humiliation.

  6. Khloe has never attended the Met Gala, she was considered B celebrity 😂 she has never been invited until this year.

  7. Khloe Kardashian’s Family Happy And Supportive She’s Dating Again She Deserves the World

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