May 23, 2022

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9 thoughts on “Pr Diaries Monday’s Diddy, Nipsey, Lauren The Lost Tapes ?

  1. That picture of Nip, LL and Diddy is very telling. Diddy has LL embraced in an intimate way like a couple would take pics. While Nip is standing there off center like someone told him to jump in the picture real quick.

  2. I remember being on Diddy stories and saw LL son I was like wtf. I was a little girl when Lauren was a Sean John girl but I remembered her being around. Then when ATL came out I was like she looked familiar but whole time she was the girl in Pharrell video. So I’m like ohhhh she been around. When she got pregnant by Wayne I was in disbelief. Nipsey and Wayne are some nasty dudes lol

  3. Wack has the one with Nipsey, Tanisha, and Adrien
    Diddy has the one starring Nipsey, Lauren, and himself
    Oh brother 😅…

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