May 23, 2022

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12 thoughts on “Blind Sugar 4/21/2022 Playa Playa

  1. Chile if you don’t get outta here with this weak ish! 😁😁
    We want to hear abt Rocky and Rih. Clearly, there is something going on to perhaps eliminate him from her life. Right before a baby is born. Trying to create the single mom, bad black dad narrative.

  2. Drake, the Houston rapper is Meg and the 90s-2000s star sounds like Maya. Even though she’s not as popular as she was back in the day, any time people see Maya out in public it winds up on the blogs because people act like they’ve never seen a woman in her 40s (with no husband or kids) look so youthful. They act like 40 is ancient 🙄. But yea those are my guesses.

  3. Yeah he been losing his touch for a few years now. In my opinion. When I listen to his old music, I say to myself damn he messed up with a lot of women. It’s actually cringy like damn. He going have to settle🤷🏾‍♀️

  4. Why are y’all surprised ? Anyone who isn’t star struck will tell you Drake is corny. CB said he was a weirdo like 10 years ago. Now he got them fake braids lol come on

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