May 23, 2022

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7 thoughts on “Hot Takes 4/20/2022

  1. Blac Chyna winning this. I don’t know why how or what but whomever is truly behind all this, it’s not Blac Chyna. That’s some damaging txt messages there Kris! I been done w the Kartrashiana only one I cannot complain about is Kourtney. Yet all the rest are insecure hoes to me. Let’s get more work maybe he will like me weirdos. Its ya personality that holds a man slick! Lmao

  2. Dang blacchy gunna get them I fearr. How much she want again? Yikes! I bet mama Kris is furious with Rob lord. He petty😂😂😂
    They made a beautiful daughter tho! Dream a blessing! The only Kardashian 😝🤩

    I didnt feel like rubi shaded her? Just me. I like rubi alot and get what she means. She not broke so its not like shed be using men for money? She established herself and wants to be taken care of. So what? Just my opinion .

  3. Rubi did not shade Nicki…she pointed out the differences of their ideal mate…nicki a dominating sagg and shes a submissive libra…it makes sense

  4. Why mention nicki? Could’ve simply said I prefer my man to make more than me but I see other women who make more than their man happy also .

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