July 2, 2022

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5 thoughts on “Dispel All The Rumors You Thought Were True This Entire Time Because You Didn’t Bother to Research

  1. Exactly! People love to Bash Kim for the tape but big up Ray J for “putting them on” meanwhile Ray J makes nothing off that tape all these years later and all his other endeavors flopped. The last song of his people enjoyed was him once again talking about Kim. I just know he’s bothered on the low, oh well he should’ve done business correctly.

  2. So at this point was Paris mad cause she riding out for Kim or was she mad cause she didn’t want Kim getting exposure? Or was it some of both?

  3. We’re going by Karrine “supahead” who now goes by Elizabeth something lol 😂 she ain’t even truthful about her own name…

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