May 23, 2022

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8 thoughts on “Spilling Sugar On Everybody Channing and Thandie and More

  1. Garcelle was dating Will smith not “trying to get with him”… I hope Lenny didn’t, because gross.. and if he did sign some bullshit like that it probably has some spell in it… again because…yuck…Tyra, isn’t just a ex supermodel, she’s BANKABLE PRODUCTIONS – I would have let ante go too, tooo much drama was
    Going in behind the scenes. Who still watches American Idol? … Thandie and Channing and Channing and Zoe? I though Zoe was married! Channing dates women? Thandie is so arrogant to me…

  2. I think that’s a good idea for Wendy. Take it back to the roots. A podcast for her will be a breeze. She knows how to handle a hot mic. I was hoping she would do this. Remind them of who you are Wendy.

  3. I’m happy for Wendy i was saying from Day1 ! For her to do a podcast . She’ll get plenty of views

  4. That Wendy podcast is LONG overdue considering her radio show was the prototype for a lot of gossip pods

  5. Madonna looked like a pufferfish 🐡 last time I saw her, poor Lenny 🤮. If Wendy gets a podcast, I’m definitely listening to it and she better bring that old school radio Wendy flavor.

  6. I am here for Wendy getting her own podcast!!! I hope she does it because let’s be real. Who really watches live tv anymore any ways?

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