October 1, 2022

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8 thoughts on “Women Continue To Dm Me About Asap Rocky Cheating and Why The Rumor Got Out

  1. All These anonymous tips have to do is send receipts! like is it That hard to do? Is it that hard to provide videos, text messages, pictures of this man cheating? Serial cheaters really need to take a course from Rocky cause the way he’s able to have one of the biggest pop stars on the planet carrying his baby and nobody is catching him red handed with his cheating is impressive! Hell even Jay Z got busted and it’s Jay z haha

    The truth is these people are probably either lying or they are trying to make him contacting something it isn’t. Is he contacting you to smash? Or is he contacting you to do business? The man still is a rapper and businessman you know. He didn’t just retire to play a stay at home dad.

  2. Oh so rocky curved em and he stopped being friends with Amina. He really said ‘two birds one stone’ before tweeting that. I see

  3. If Rocky is really out there in those streets, it’s only a matter of time for the solid evidence to drop. Especially if he’s moving sloppy.

    1. Lol he was friends with Amina ??? Let me tell you something I’ve learned about “rumors”…. They’re never far fetched. Always some truth to it.. even if it is spun out of control.. Somewhere down the lines, something is going on with ASAP & that girl… or maybe it did in the past. Flirting , fling . Something lol no way you wake up, & makeup a story with that much detail . because his tweet even mentioned that it happened at Craig’s…. And Rihanna & ASAP were there.

  4. There could be some truth to the rumors, especially if he has not had therapy to address his sex addiction.

  5. My thing is asap isnt some big rapper that has people hiding his side shorties. If something was truly happening. It would’ve came out by now and there would be hard proof. Not random people sending DM saying they slept with him. Like come on

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