May 23, 2022

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14 thoughts on “Did Asap Rocky and Rihanna Break Up?

  1. The designer is Amina who Rih also collaborated with before not just Rocky. If Rocky and Amina had a thing, and it was before Rih then I’m sorry she can’t hold him for that. She literally just said herself it takes a long time to get out the friendzone with her, was he supposed to watch who he linked up with while waiting for her?

    This information sounds like a “why didn’t you tell me y’all had something before” argument instead of an “OMG how can you cheat on me while I’m pregnant” argument. We all know Rih hates to run in the same circle as women who have smashed the men she’s smashed.

    Even if the article itself was done months ago, she herself tagged him on her belly on that Instagram post she did just 2 days ago titled “our little fashion killa”. If it’s true they broke up, I don’t see it lasting they definitely gonna bounce back. Especially with her being near birth, it’d be foolish to focus on petty shit when you have a child newly born and the way she was talking about him in that interview which she only really does when she really loves and cares about someone, if she could hold out hope for Hassan to come back she can hold out for the father of her child.

    1. I dont think they broke up yet. But I dont think that relationship is going to last. It just sounds like she’s with him because she wanted a damn baby and the world was shut down. I dont see any love from this relationship. Rihanna is only speaking on Asap now because they’re a family already. No turning back now. And babies do not keep parents together.

      1. She got pregnant once outside opened back up though so why do we keep trying to label them a COVID fling? Lol

  2. G, that same guy who works in the industry as a stylist the same guy who put out the tweet is followed by Amina. I’ll send you a DM.

  3. Oh they’ll be fine. I just think Rih had different expectations from him being her friend to boyfriend/child’s father. They have to talk it out and see what type of relationship they want. They no longer the friends that run to each other and smash. If anything they should learn from Kanye and kim.

    1. Exactly. Rih’s hormones is probably raging so if anything they just needed some space apart but I just don’t think this “break up” was due to infidelity cause how does the world know you of all men got Rihanna pregnant, and you still able to roam the earth cheating and not get caught? Rih has been known to snoop and cause arguments that didn’t need to happen, so factor hormones in and you got drama.

      Like I’ve said her tagging him on her belly when she could’ve just kept it about her covers Just makes me feel like this is another spat, no different then the one they had the last time when rih got upset over something so petty.

  4. Not sure if I totally believe this. But I think once baby fashion killa is here, Rih probably isn’t even going care abt ASAP that much other than a friend and baby dad/family.

  5. Lol you guys in these comments are funny like men don’t cheat on their pregnant girlfriends all the time. Celebs are no different. Had it been Khloe and Tristan … y’all definitely would have believed this lol. I’m not saying it’s true or false but none of of know for sure.

  6. G anyways you’re worried about the wrong things lol why tf eihanna keep referring to her baby as them. I see the agenda.

    1. Agenda? She’d having twins and doesn’t want to reveal their genders. My friend’s girlfriend is pregnant and doing the same, or we’ll call the baby by their last name. It’s very common

  7. Rhianna’s team denied it, but we know that truly doesn’t mean much. It’s not like they would actually confirm their business on front street and say yes its true. Not this at least. Time will tell. I still say ASAP was that rebound from Hassan. The cool friend for years, who had a lot in common. It wouldn’t shock me down the long road if they would split… baby and all. I think that now Rhianna is carrying his child, she would ride even harder to keep the family together, regardless if ASAP was a dog out in the streets. That baby will hit different for her. Just gotta see how this plays out.

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