May 23, 2022

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13 thoughts on “Part 2 The Truth About Lady Gaga

  1. This was a good deep dive I’m just shocked about his whole back story 😱 keep going girl your doing fabulous! 🤞🏾

  2. I went down this rabbit whole back then on youtube . When I watched her documentary i was wondering why she was so ill. Maybe it was spiritual that she got sick? From all those weird rituals she been participating in? She kinda disappeared for a cool minute no? Then out of nowhere she started starring in movies. Also what is the real story behind her dog walker ? I have so many questions lol she so SUS

    1. Yessss! Her documentary just made me feel like we were getting surface level info. She mentioned alternate medicines but didn’t give specifics 🤨, never gave a real answer as to why movies now, and it didn’t get the dog napping situation.

      She’s always been weird! But she was down from jump so I believe it. All her music videos have some type symbolism.

  3. Are we gonna talk about Gaga and that black model that went missing in the desert. Then found the next day with his organs and everything missing

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