May 23, 2022

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6 thoughts on “Hot Takes 4/4/2022 Ashanti caught stealing

  1. I read that the Netflix movie got paused because the director left the project but they’re trying to put it on Will which isn’t true. If Will and Chris never speak again, oh well…🤷🏿‍♀️ I feel like this issue with the book with Ashanti is a reach but I could be wrong.

  2. I agree with Chris. I wouldn’t want to fuck with him at all. I would just move forward and be positive. Will is a no-no and can’t taint my energy.

    1. Will needs to leave Jada, she is the one tainting his legacy and making him look like a fool. They’re stubborn and said they would never divorce and honestly, things have onky gotten worse for them since making that decision. Will should take the rest of his dignity and leave before he loses that too. Jada has made him a laughing stock starting with the August thing- although I know their arrangement and from my understanding, Will was cool with it while it was happening. But the whole world didn’t know that and now look. They’re both young enough to start over and live the life that they deserve to live. Both of them fine af too, it’s not like they won’t get no play!

  3. I don’t blame Chris. No agent/mgr/production should force him to either. The world saw the proof. Chris needs to move forward and don’t look back. And don’t let Will and this incident steal his joy.

    Khloe can say what she wants, but something was definitely wrong with that booty in those pictures. It started off normal then it began to look like a moving diaper.

    Yeah, it looks like Ashanti stole that book idea. It’s a good idea. I wish someone would have thought of this when I was growing up. But yeah it looks like a clean rip off of that woman’s book.

    Will doesn’t need to get back with anyone, but a licensed therapist. Cut Jada loose and submerge himself on someone’s couch. His book details that he has always had this behavior due to his childhood trauma. Slapping people was his thing. He just learned to keep in check, until he couldn’t anymore. It always bubbled under the surface. Someone was bound to get assaulted by him at some point.

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