May 23, 2022

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6 thoughts on “Quick Hits 4/2/2022 Lee Daniels and Monique

  1. Although I’m praying for the best, something about his sudden turnaround isn’t sitting right with my spirit. I get a weird vibe from him. I pray I’m wrong.

  2. Your Analysis have ben very questionable and interesting to say the least…! I will leave that here..I see no comparison of this situation and Minaj..!

    1. It’s similar in that many of the people that had a hand in their blackballing is now acting like nothing happened. It’s a shame how they are doing these black women with strong voices that stood up for themselves. Now they will make it seem like both of them are crazy or overreacted when they were speaking up.

  3. Yeah I’m honestly very interested in this story because everyone knows he blackballed her and now he’s literally praising her

  4. People are seeing the backlash social media can carry. That’s it and that’s all. The more people start sharing opinions and information INSTANTLY, the more they start to react.

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