May 23, 2022

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22 thoughts on “Quick Hits 4/2/2022 G Herbo Ari Fletcher Taina Williams

  1. Moneybagg can’t find ANYONE else? His buzz kinda cooled a bit, but he should be dropping new music soon. He’s definitely making his money. Maybe he can level up then. Ari seems very toxic and ghetto

  2. So ari and herb going to get back together? I feel like it would be akward like ari was real adamant about him having herpes. Taina been looking like she over herb before she announced she was pregnant again lol

  3. Oh it all makes sense now 👀 thought it was weird that suddenly she was coming for Taina even after they had that joint bday for Yoson last year where it looked like they were all getting on well.

    I remember one of the videos last year that people took screenshots of Ari and Herb different videos but it looked like they were at the same hotel- same background and some people peeped what looked like Ari’s bonet in Herb’s video.
    Bagg plays all day so no surprise Ari gets her lick back.

    1. Right ari was all over taina at the party lol taina was looking like she crazy asf but whatever happens idec im over it. Taina better start popping her shit back.

  4. I really don’t think so. She talked about how much he hurt her during the relationship. Also, she suffered from ppd and was suicidal and he was nowhere to be found. Herb wasn’t there for her.

  5. I honestly don’t think he’s going back to her, even if him and Taina don’t make it. I do agree, Ari still has feelings for him.

  6. They’re not getting back together. Taina was creeping with Herb when him and Ari was together so Ari paying her back.

  7. What if ari is doing it just to break them up & as soon as that happens she’ll be seen with him for a bit & then dip

  8. Demario don’t care about her and neither does Herbert. Lol sad case. He ain’t leaving Taina and Ari pop too much sht to be about that life. She’s from the suburbs

  9. Fuck allat what is the Tea / DIRT that Ari got Taina!? Because she threatened to expose her and Taina deleted Everything QUICK!!!f freaky fast 💨

  10. I don’t think Ari had closure on the relationship with G Herbo, so it’s hard to truly let go and move on. I would definitely like to know the dirt Ari threatened to expose.

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