May 23, 2022

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10 thoughts on “Quick Hits: Thirsty Tiffany

  1. It’s just the fact that she loves Will n Jada. Remember they’ve been friends since Girls Trip. So she’s going to ride for them regardless. She doesn’t know Rock like that.

  2. Tiffany is a typical hood chick tryna secure bags. Hood chicks say anything out their mouth. If she were in a personal setting, it would’ve been laughed at. Hollyweird is not the place for that. They’re behind the scenes ghetto and are taught everything is about image. She should’ve kept that comment to herself. That was not something to say publicly.

  3. Tiffany is a pick me desperate not funny comedian. Every interview she’s screaming she’s single and looking for a man. For some, that is a turn off. I wonder what’s the real reason Common broke up with her for. I am not a fan of hers. She talk too much. To tell an interviewer that you told Jada to suck his dick from behind….. that did not need to be heard. Smh..

  4. Tiffany and Kevin Hart are more corny than funny. Neither of them are on my favorite comedians list.

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