May 23, 2022

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9 thoughts on “HoeTails 3/20/2022 Oh They Smashed?

  1. The only 2 that surprises me is Keke Palmer, and Princess Love. Like those guys out of all people. How?! And was Keke of legal age at time? 👀

  2. Yoooooo!! OMG not Keke!!!!! My mouth is still on the floor and now I got questions that I’m not sure I want the answers to. Wow.

  3. Keke i’m actually not shocked about cause she went on this weird fangirl rant about how great he is back in like 2017. Something about that never sat right with me, now I know why smh Keke.

  4. Okay, lemme close my mouth before my jaw breaks. Some of these blew me away… Princess and Keith.. how old was she??????

    Keke.. Michelle and the ped?? Say it ain’t so???

  5. Hey G! Pass the ☕️ on G Herbo, Taina and Ari. The pattern seems to be every time Ari and Money Bagg Yo break up or fall out she goes in on Taina and Herbo.

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