August 18, 2022

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7 thoughts on “Sugar Bullets Cydney Christine Aka Lil CC

  1. Lol imma give karrueche a pass since Chris and cydney linked like a year after kae and him had broke up so my good sis was still healing and in her feelings about that man lol plus wasn’t cydney talking slick on IG to some fans basically saying if kae wanted to pull up over Chris she can? Lol that’s probably why she was gonna roll up on her. Don’t get cute thinking you doing something by being my fill in haha

  2. And then kae and Jacob ended up signing her to kaes new Model Agency that never picked up.. like what happen to kaes agency that signed only Her? Lol

  3. She went to St.Bernards Highschool , my older cousin attended that school and I remember when I was in middle school I used to go the homecoming games and I remember her.

  4. Yall left out that she was underaged w Colin, her and Bibby didn’t just smash they were together on & off again, and that she allegedly didn’t actually produce money in the grave, 2 guys from her crew did but after it’s success is when she truly started to take production seriously

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