May 23, 2022

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11 thoughts on “Hot Takes 3/30/2022

  1. I don’t of approve of stepping out on your marriage, but Kate B definitely makes you think about it! Lol

  2. Exercising some things out of their inner bodies? Whats that mean?

    Twitter switched up on Zoe so fast lolololol

  3. That last Hot Take is 100% accurate I was one of those fans that switched on Brit over that Justifed album

  4. awww bruce willis, I had to google what his diagnosis was this is so sad. He really would have to stop acting eventually anyways. Wanda sykes is irritating…. nobody is even here to see you otis

  5. Sore Justin was already insanely famous. Let’s not forget about *NSYNC those boys were huge with him being the most popular one

  6. Is there anything that the host can do during award ceremonies besides what is on camera? We know these to be rituals so I wonder if the host has any duties in the ritual .

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