May 23, 2022

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19 thoughts on “Pr Diaries Monday 3/28/2022

  1. G you bringing that 90s tea!!! Yes, I felt like I was there, CoCo, “I’m effin him too B.. 🤣🤣🤣 Kim was fighting for Puff for decades!! As pretty as she was and going thru he’ll with Puff

    1. She should have gone with another dude. In my opinion, I beloved that Puffy sacrificed her. If she had been with AB Shore or another dude, I think she would still be alive today.

  2. Kobe’s daughter does not look like the typical model, especially in those pics. I hope she stays away from Hollywierd too.

    1. exactly whoever wrote this article is weird, you’re concerned yet saying the boobs are ready; disgusting. the daughter is not a model, born male like most baphomets in hollywood and will be used to push an agenda as he’s already hanging out with beyonce.

  3. Tachina was married to a professional boxer because I used to live in Colorado Springs and I used to work at Wilson’s leather at the mall and she came in and she was really nice bought a couple of coats and when I asked her what she was doing in Colorado and she said that her man was at the Olympic training center in Colorado Springs and that he was a boxer I met a lot of athletes while I was in Colorado because they all train at the Olympic training center in Colorado because of the altitude

  4. Lmfao yes Coco. Him too. And? Lmfao i heard Coco and Leelee was no joke in they hey day.

    Kobe daughter is beautiful. Idk why her mother would push her to model. She definitely don’t need the money.

  5. Kim had some nerve tryna check Coko when she literally got Diddy by being his sidechick while he was w Misa (who she was friends with too!!). Smh birds always have the most audacity

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