October 1, 2022

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13 thoughts on “The Truth Behind The Slap Will Smith Slaps Chris Rock on Live TV

  1. Yes! The only way I’ll buy the “staged” scenario is if the incident was related to some sort of humiliation ritual (for Will…heck maybe even Chris). Let’s see how their careers go after this. If either of them gets significantly larger career wise…this will be why. Or maybe Will had to perform this to earn that Oscar. As you have said The elites make you pay to play! Allegedly 🤣🤣🤣

  2. I think this was a HumRit as well but the question is who’s was it and why? The slap looked totally staged.

  3. BTW… I am the only person who has been playing inspector gadget looking for a pic of Giselle’s face when Billie Eilish won the Oscar over her. They are hiding that one very well.

  4. I just read on Instagram that Chris Rock ticket sales have skyrocketed 🤔 makes you wonder doesn’t it.

  5. The Academy has claimed that the joke wasn’t put in by them. That Chris did a ad lib and put that in. But we know these people lie like rugs. And I don’t know, I think Will will either lose that Oscar or be ban from ever attending again. I know Chris ticket sales have soared since them. But that’s always expected with controversy and deaths.

    1. So since the Academy says Chris did this on his own, it would take the HUMRIT off of him. But Will more likely is the one who had it(HUMRIT) since he performed the slap. He’s lucky Chris held his composure and didn’t rock his skull. If it was someone else that entire scene would have went different.

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