October 1, 2022

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16 thoughts on “Hot Takes 3/28/2022 Oscar Takes

  1. No wild conspiracy theories surrounding the Will slap? Nevertheless, that was wild and I am here for the memes and Lupita’s reaction was gold.

  2. Nah, Will should not have done that. Now, Will looks like someone who cannot control his emotions, but Chris Rock looks like the good guy and how he kept it professional.

    1. weird af right? idk what happened to this site. they use to be with/for us but they done crossed over to the other side. Heaven too but then act clueless when people question it. if you not kissing Kardashian,Cardi,Niki ass then you’re a hater. something definitely up.ever since G mentioned being cool with Cardi and Heaven could not stop talking about Cardi sending his daughter videos for their bday shit has been way off

      1. Noticed heaven been on a certain payroll for a while. His constant pushing of saweetie being the “rap goddess” is a joke atp.

  3. G your post have been giving me side eye a lil bit. Statements and stories are seeming a lil bias. What’s going on?

  4. Why is it every time someone disagrees with the kardashians they are called haters, insecure, low self esteem, have no confidence etc. These women have changed their entire face, body and skin color. So who’s insecure?

  5. @ Your Will & Chris comment:
    Lets be real tho, a non black man wouldn’t have made a joke about a black woman’s hair at the Oscars, way less likely especially in 2022. Only black people (particularly black men to black women) are so comfortable to and feel the need to disrespect each other so tackily and publicly, especially @ a fancy event like that. Sorry but it’s true….

  6. you think about the wrong, you really thought about the race of the man? its clear it was will’s humiliation ritual. wheres the honesty in this blog especially when you have so called industry insiders.

  7. People really hate on Kim it’s sick. The slap was uncalled for. Jada got will looking real weak in the knees.

  8. If a man said something about my appearance in public I would expect my husband to check the other dude. Maybe not the way Will did 😂 but my husband would’ve absolutely pulled Chris to the side.

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