May 23, 2022

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11 thoughts on “Blind Sugar Reveal from 3/17

  1. Damn Jess cant catch a break with these men . But you can sorta tell there was something SUS about this guy. I couldn’t put my finger on it though…turns out, he just like the rest smh

  2. Hollyweird is crazy. As much as Gabby smile and act like they are so perfect you would never know all this was going on behind the scenes. Also, I never would’ve guessed she was A+ actress. I would give her a B+. Smh….

    1. Back in the day, she was a top country/pop artist. She was up there, but now she is a business mogul. A very successful one at that.

  3. Is gabby considered a- if she is a what is someone like Angela Bassett or viola 🤔 and Jess is also in the a category..uh. I can’t name one Jess song

    1. when it’s natural… you don’t have to force it gabby…Didn’t DW already have a break baby at the same time as Swizz, Luda, and Ti! They were all back to back! Luda has his daughter at least. Then he married her or something. It always seems showey… like he only smiles genuinely for his kids.

  4. Jessica Simpson isn’t permanent A List singer, but she is a permanent A List business mogul, homegirl has a lowkey booming empire worth north of $500M so she doesn’t have to sing. Just like that Alba girl, she doesn’t have to act cause she’s worth $1B from her merch & other business deals.

  5. Eric Johnson C-list… I was thinking more D or below… Rarely remember him from playing in NFL.

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