May 23, 2022

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30 thoughts on “Sugar On Luci and Desi

  1. Wow yes please! The Lucy Show was my favorite show and now that I’m older and you putting us on to all of it is very interesting. Wow Sid and Desi, in their personal videos I wondered if he was. I couldn’t understand why their marriage didn’t work, but this clarifies it.

  2. Yes please. I believe what you’re saying about Desi. Last night I watched a documentary on Amazon and Sammy Davis was talking to Lucy and Desi says something like, “we working with the minorities now” or something like that. He definitely used the word minorities and the statement was condescending for sure.

  3. Sugar bullet please. Have you done a sugar bullet on Sammie Davis jr? I would love one on him as well. I think you have talked about him before. The wife is beautiful.

  4. It’s my experience that a lot of Cubans, especially those of the lighter persuasion, are super conservative and racist. It doesn’t surprise me that Desi treated Harriet and her husband this way.

  5. This is like fate!! I’ve been googling them for about Two weeks trynna find tea on them! I’m looking up pieces thatll fit the puzzle of what wasnt in the Ricardos ( the movie) , and trynna find articles if hun cheating n shit lol so yes yes please do bullets on them! Lucy was soo cute as an old lady lol And desi was soo handsome OmG!

  6. I loved me some “I Love Lucy”. None of those white women could show they were cool with Black’s back then because segregation and Jim Crow was all the way live. Sammy is lucky he lived to tell the tales of his early days in entertainment.

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