May 23, 2022

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11 thoughts on “BTS Megan Thee Stallion VS Carl Crawford (1501)

  1. Is it that she just wrapped up in a lot of stuff? And why does she feel Jay and Bey got her? She hasn’t seen how they move yet? Did everyone sell her the dream?

    1. Yep, sell them the dream, and wake up in a nightmare. Lucifer being doing that since the garden of Eden.

  2. Girl you need to look out for YOURSELF, it’s a dog eat dog world in this industry and as soon as jay and bey have no use for her anymore then what…. stop calling on people to defend you and just figure this shit out.

  3. I clearly remember you stating Megan signing to Roc nation was not going to work in her favor. Meagan acted like the kid in hs when the popular crowds says hi. I knew Roc nation was not the answer it’s been a fun ride Megan.

  4. We all saw the writing on the wall when Meg signed on with Roc Nation…disaster. Since she has been with them it’s always something. Yeah they delivered her that Grammy, but look at the cost. She got this mess going on with Tory and all this legal foolishness. And it’s still a giant question mark why a bunch of Alist celebs have stopped following her. I am sure that will be revealed in the coming weeks. Roc Nation may say something but it won’t be to the level Meg Needs. And I remember you saying Jay was gonna clear this Carl thing for her. But here we are and nothing was done. Because this must not be a priority for Jay. He more than likely lied to Meg about doing this, knowing good and well he wouldn’t. Meg desperate for fame( like all the rest) fell hook, line, and sinker. I wouldn’t advise her about anything else, let her “superstar team” handle it and see where that gets her.

  5. Didn’t she say herself that it wasn’t an album but a mixtape? Her own words are gonna bite her. I liked her initially but as things progressed there’s something fake about her.

  6. Did she release a shitty album so they would not make money off of her (but it count as an album). She only sold 1000 units right?

    Carl said she slept with everyone in the industry including her best friends man. Carl is not backing down. Add all of her features are floppy.

  7. Well if Jay z been saying he was gonna settle this with Carl “for months” why hasn’t he? Lol one day people will learn that man never keeps his word. He can’t even keep his vows to his wife rofl. He probably made a bunch of promises to meg in the beginning when he thought she was a big investment but now that the smoke and mirrors have cleared he probably like nah. It’d be hilarious to see Roc nation try to speak up against Carl but went radio silent on the Tory shit which is her biggest obstacle right now. Says a lot…

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