May 23, 2022

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18 thoughts on “Industry Spill 3/20/2022

  1. Bia can get all the surgery she want but until she stops being the equivalent of watching paint dry, she will stay a non factor

  2. I’m tired of Beyoncé trying to leave Jay, if she haven’t left him the 30th time why leave now? Rihanna leaving ROC without their album? Drake just lost bc he’s now bouncing back and forth from girl to girl, he needs to find himself a no name girl and make her from scratch. Shenseea was brought up just for her to cross over, she’s down with it. Jamaicans just watching that’s all.

  3. I love bia I really hope she doesn’t get surgery her body is beautiful and honestly she’s really popped off these last couple years I feel like she’s gotten way more but maybe she wants that thrown

  4. 8 years? Ain’t that when he was in love with Rihanna? If Drake don’t do nothing else he gone be a hoe. Bia should focus on having better stage presence than plastic surgery. Jay got Bey too hypnotized she ain’t going nowhere.

  5. So they apparently doing meg like how did Nicki when they didn’t want pop artists collaborating with her cause they didn’t want her going number 1? I’m sorry I’m just not buying this meg is going through a hate train with sabotage narrative because it is just not the same thing. If anybody is sabotaging meg it’s her label and probably because they stuck they neck out for her and things ain’t lookin up for her so they probably mad at the money spent and other things.

    And bia sounds like she just wanted the Collab with Nicki for a come up with that mentality. I don’t like that.

  6. I don’t like shensea or bia they so phony and just ugh.

    Jay z failed alot in his bness ventures all of em.

    Beyonce leave if you want. Ms. Tina annoying asf.

    Happy for rihanna.

    Happy for missy. If its worth it let me work it. Lol

  7. beyonce is a bigger star than jay z, and im sorry but he don’t have as much clout if she leaves. She can do bad by herself,

  8. I feel like the industry is through with Jay. No matter how much money or favor you have in the industry. If Lucifer wants to tell the elite to bring someone down, they are coming down. Now, it is up to the person coming down to choose. Are you going to rock with God (the living of the Bible) or still rock with Lucifer?

  9. I’m sorry bia is 🗑 and so was that song. I don’t know how Nicki picks her features but she has not had a good one in a while. I hope missy comes out with a album. Drake is a hoe. I hope rhianna gets whatever it is she wants. I ❤️Fenty. I don’t see Beyoncé ever leaving Jay

  10. Did Rihanna buy herself out from rn?
    I glad she has tbh.
    Beyoncé and Jayz both know without each other they both lose a lot of their power.

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