May 23, 2022

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19 thoughts on “Sugar Cubes: Regina King Hosting the Met Gala

  1. Ok now wait…. she was more than a middle of the road actress. She was writing and directing stuff before those pictures came out. I don’t know if I believe she gave her son up though. But if she did..that’s messed up because they seemed to be super close. I liked his music too. Wasn’t she already attending the Met gala anyway?

  2. She might have been more than a middle of the road actress to you but not to them that was my first thought when her son committed “suicide” that she sacrificed him

    1. Absolutely not and if you research her credentials it would help you out. I think you should reread what I said and I don’t hold people I don’t know in the regard that something would be “to me”. 🙄

  3. I heard her ex husband, her son’s father got promoted in the music industry as well after their son

    1. I remember latifah coming on line to post a video of her crying and sending love to Regina like days after the fact. It was so strange. If you’re that close, to be so upset to post a video of you crying, then you’re close enough to NOT post- instead reach out to her personally!

    2. Ok now this adds a different perspective for sure. That’s a damn shame to sacrifice your child for material gain..

  4. I immediately thought about what you guys just said as soon as I saw the headline about this. I don’t like to assume, but it’s just a very interesting event to make your return to…

  5. Did viola ever sacrifice? What abt the white ppl co-hosting with her? Blake Lively has 2-3 small kids. Keep them close

  6. There is an interview where she and her son say that they were studying the Kabbalah together.

  7. When I saw she was hosting, I definitely thought it was strange considering her son‘s death. Personally myself if I were a celebrity, I don’t think that I could handle my first public appearance being at a major event since the recent death of my son. Especially the way people would be staring and whispering

  8. I agree she started popping out of nowhere. I was familiar with some of her director credits and work on Boondocks, but suddenly Hollyweird was on her HEAVY. Damn shame they framed his death as suicide if he was really an industry sacrifice..

  9. I definitely believe it all. Regina King was NOT a major player in the Hollywood game at all. Now look. We see it time and time again. Working for a long time does not equate to an illustrious career, especially if you’re a black woman. WE may have respected her, but Hollyweird didn’t. She everywhere now! Because she’s “IN”.

  10. Commander in chief..kind of off topic but I remember seeing a interview with Bob Dylan talking about how he made a deal with the chief commander of this world and the one we can’t see..kind of hard not to start believing these things when they are becoming so plain sight

  11. This incident is why in my unpopular Kanye is crazy but we also know he is a genius. I think he uses his crazy as humiliation rituals so that he won’t have to go through any more sacrifices.

  12. Regina HALL not King. Yall really need to do better, the spelling and grammatical errors at bad enough. Just sloppy.

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