May 23, 2022

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8 thoughts on “Hot Takes 3/18/2022

  1. Blick Blick is chef’s kiss. Definitely here for Nicki and Coi’s verses.

    Looking for more on the Lil Baby and Jayda saga

    But really now WHATS UP WITH MEGAN?

  2. The celebrities who are unfollwing Meg are usually celebs who are past that follow unfollow stage. When they do that it usually pertains to their own drama. But people like Beyonce and Ciara don’t partake in that foolishness. And we haven’t heard anything about those people(Rhianna, Beyonce, Drake, Ciara, and etc) having problems with Meg that would bring a unfollow. And Rhianna doesn’t drop people from her businesses unless something major goes down. I don’t believe it has anything to do with her new video with Dua because ALL of them get dirty with the elites. My money is on this Tory case. They have seen or heard something that’s making them flip. And whatever it is there’s hard-core evidence for them to make the move.

  3. I’m gonna assume y’all saying y’all don’t believe Rocky would cheat with meg cause she ain’t his type so the story wouldn’t make sense, but if the rumor was him cheating with Dua then it would make sense since he tried to get at Dua in the past. Keyword being in the past lol. I just don’t think Rocky would be dumb enough to cheat on billionaire Rihanna while the whole world is watching her pregnancy with another celebrity who’s name is being talked about. Whether it’s Megan or Dua or whoever. This would be the time to cheat with a bartender in a foreign country that don’t speak English, not a celebrity under the spotlight lol

  4. Mase better watch it diddy is the boogeyman
    @ncaseyoudidntknow can you please explain the whole blueface situation what happened and why is he with Special Ed. I also heard Rihanna and asap are getting married

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