May 23, 2022

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6 thoughts on “Blind Items Thursdays Reveal from 3/11/2022

  1. I freaking knew it was Kelly P…..even since y’all dropped her backstory sugar I knew she was a cold bih.

  2. Basically she’s been using his bisexuality to her advantage since the day she found out. Typical smart yet cold hearted spouse…women are so crafty😂😂

  3. Wasn’t Kelly Preston one of the top drug suppliers in Hollywood? I read somewhere that all the other celebrities would come to her to get the hook up lol

  4. Melinda is full of it she knew about her sick husband and his connections. These billionaires never seem to find a spouse that will stick beside them when shit comes crashing down lol and the ones that do destroy they marriages for dumb shit. Look at bezos smh. How many times has his little tv host girlfriend been caught giving goo goo eyes at male celebs that don’t have bezos Money but look 10x better than him? Leo DiCaprio probably could’ve hit that if he wanted to lol he probably already did on the low.

    Kelly was probably doing the work of Scientology, hasn’t John been on the outs with them since Tom became their favorite puppet? The real question is should we be lookin at her death suspiciously too? Maybe she recorded the wrong man and he made some calls who really knows at this point.

  5. Jeff bezos is living his best life. He’ll be on to the next one when ready. It is what it is. I date older men and know bill gates will find somebody else sooner to later. Kelly is doing the ground work for somebody else, she just the front man.

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