May 23, 2022

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6 thoughts on “PR Diaries Monday 3/14/2022

  1. Wow the serena tea made me feel relieved, good for her. Seems like she kept a nice image. Im not mad at you.

  2. Not rih wanting to be a participant in the smith nonsense. She really must be into the BDSM shit.

    Poor Serena hopefully she’s past that by now

  3. I love Will Smith, I’ve always said he’s my husband. Rih rih should have got some of Willy. I also think will likes women that follow his lead much more. Jada for Hollywood.

  4. Badu is scary. Rih wanted some will. I threshing. Wil look like he might b ok in the bedroom. Serena I’m sure used to have low self esteem. She is not a looker so I’m sure people have told her she is ugly so I’m sure that can get to u. Hope she is better now

  5. Like sleeping with your friends man? Badu a low down shady hoe. Ion like Angie but Erykah did her dirty. Triflin ass weirdo

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