May 23, 2022

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15 thoughts on “Hot Takes 3/14/2022

  1. I cannot wait to see if Gisele is gonna do something about it or not. Like football is this man’s life and she really expects him to just walk away when he’s literally THE goat

  2. If the tables were turned…how would Giselle feel if Tom told her to stop modeling? Fall back and let that man live….

  3. I believe Trav and Kourt are trying for a baby because her flat ass is juicy atm. like he is just shooting up the club on the daily lol

    1. Uhm doesnt Tom have a SUS relationship with Robert Kraft? Maybe that is why Giselle wants him to retire? Idk idk just a guess

      Trey needing the Kardashian connects to get out of them lawsuits

      I thought Pete was getting rid of his tattoos so that they can take him more seriously as an actor ?

      1. Rob Kraft is with patriots. Tom plays in Tampa. Not sure of the connection to unretiring

    2. When trey was going wit Lauren she was messing with him and they was suppose to be friends that’s why I laughed when she tried to come for jordyn like she exempt from karma.

  4. Poor khloe. She really does need to talk to lammy i feel like they need a conversation because she lost something after him and idk what it is. Its her choice though.

    Everybody want to stop working then boom they can’t stop lol tom brady play too much.

    Im here for dolly parton and beyonce

  5. Good for special Ed I mean khloe
    Pete nooooo never get a tattoo of someone it doesn’t work trust me
    Mase better ask the Lord to protect u diddly is crazy

  6. I am so tired of Kanye, Kim, and Skete. Can we pack ALL three of them up and send them to another planet. Skete probably did send intimate pictures of him and Arianna to Mac Miller. I put nothing past the him or his other 2 annoying counterparts.

    Khloe and her desperation to be a 🤡. Why in heaven’s name would you screw a dude that has over 300 allegations of sexual assault, misconduct, abuse, and etc etc etc against him. I guess this is one of those times she says fck my brand. Is she THAT hard up. Make it make sense.

    I knew Wendy wasn’t happy and wouldn’t go quietly. I don’t blame her.

    Tom Brady is a fame whore. He is gonna get back on that field and get seriously hurt trying to keep his glory. His mind may say 20, but that body on the inside is screaming mid 40s.

  7. I don’t blame Pete for anything he did to Mac or Kanye. Both of their ex’s moved on to him, it is what it is. I only feel for Mac in the sense that he couldn’t help himself and unfortunately it lead to his death. Ariana left him for his addiction issues so I never got why people tried to place blame on Pete for that. And LOL @ him telling Kim her career was over, seems to me like her opportunities are opening up! Kanye might’ve given Kim a black audience but Kim was very much that chick before and after Kanye.
    Dolly Parton needs to go on somewhere with that. Lol no one wants to hear that.

  8. Well technically it’s not cheating if it’s an open marriage. Not Khloe messing with Trey the alleged rapist. Her self esteem gets lower and lower everyday. Tom tired of her and them kids already 😂

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