May 23, 2022

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17 thoughts on “Spilling on Everybody 3/11/2022

  1. All this time I thought Aubrey slept with Diddy. They had way too much tension and she really got the big head despite being not so strong as a vocalist…. So is she really racist and just black fishes? (She always gave basic white girl vibes to me…wasn’t nothing special about her she just knew how to work reality tv) ……. Stevie J is silly for doing that shyt during that interview…..I doubt it was a guy slobbing him down and I knew it wasn’t Faith….whoever it was bless their hearts and his too….

  2. I just watched Stevie J interview and can we say “ Disgusting “ !!! Not only is he knowingly getting oral sex on camera, the Interviewer complimented his son and in return he called her a “Slut bag”?? He was definitely high on something to display such unprofessionalism and disregard for women. He would’ve never acted in this manner with a male interviewer. My question is why is he actually being interviewed in 2022?

  3. Especially sipping that Dej, Jhene, and Sza tea!!
    I had always wondered if there was issues between Jhene and Sza cause they seemed cool at one point. Is J the mean girl that Sza was referring to when talking about experiencing a mean girl in the industry?

  4. And is that why Dej never blew up like that? Cause she posed to be next up in like 2014/2015 but then she went quiet and then low and behold Young MA popped up the next year. So does that mean Young MA got initiated & gang banged?

  5. how did the industry back Young MA when she’s independent? Can the industry back you even when you’ve never signed a record or publishing deal?

  6. I feel like drake trying to find someone first before allowing her I use to think he was protecting his child, but it’s a fear that she may actually find happiness without him

  7. Drake has some nerve controlling Sophie, you don’t want her so let her find love. Stevie was probably high which is no excuse but would explain the video. The Dej Loaf post explains a lot and I pray she gets the help she needs.

  8. You know what I have to blame Both Sophie and Drake. She is a fool for thinking she was going to have a great life and Drake would wife her . He wouldn’t wife Serena or Rihanna so why would he wife her. I child doesn’t hold a man. And I’m a Drake Stan but he’s looking really dumb in the light.. let that woman live.. he doesn’t want her. But that’s what she gets for having a cheque baby. She can live her life and date as long as it’s not on Drakes Dime. Is he right or wrong for that? She’s a fool he’s not with you and you allow him to control your life.!!! These hoes are so sad it’s not even funny. Let’s see how long this will last. Drake is just really good at keeping his dirt on the low. It won’t last for long though.

    1. Facts! Im hoping she gets some balls and stop giving a damn. She can still marry and have more children if she wishes.

  9. I’m really routing for Drake. I want him to find himself someone who doesn’t mind staying with him and the ovo cult in general. I think he’s gonna find someone for the next year / tour and have a public relationship. He’s still gonna have side hoes but keep them in the dark.

  10. Drake needs to stop controlling Sophie like that’s weird. He doesn’t want her but don’t want anyone to be with her lol smh

  11. This Drake and Sophie saga is never ending. Sophie refuses to grow a pair and date because she likes the comfortability Drake provides. She can’t travel the world with the regular amount of child support she would get under normal curicumstances(strictly for the kid). So she let’s him control her to get that lifestyle that she wants. You can’t feel sorry for this girl. Clearly a lifestyle and money are more important than freedom. So I guess she’s proving people right, that little boy was check baby for her 🤷🏾‍♀️.

    1. @ tjthecurious I completely agree with you. Why are some people feeling sorry for Sophie when she chose this life. If she truly wanted to go out there and find a man and live her life she knows she would no longer be living a certain lifestyle. I’m sorry but I don’t feel sorry for her. She wanted a cheque baby and got one. All of a sudden everyone has forgotten about her dirty past.

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