May 23, 2022

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11 thoughts on “P.R Diaries Mondays The Stories We Used To Talk About On These PR Streets

  1. Ok for some reason i said michelle to myself after seeing your post on ig. This just makes more sense to why bey was so shady towards Michelle. She always had that idgaf attitude to me. Tell us more about michelle. Her and rkelly that would have been a duo for music if things went different but damn.

  2. The post on the IG page kind of gave it away with the caption “Chicago mansion” considering Michelle was born in Illinois as well. But hmmm….. seems Tenitra a.k.a Michelle has some bones that aren’t so saved and sanctified up in the closet….we need more on Michelle

  3. On his documentary the hair dresser said Michelle was in his studio a lot and she asked her how old she was. R Kelly made the hair dresser show Michelle her ID and told them everything they heard wasn’t true.

  4. It’s always the ones who are “ holy and sanctified” Michelle probably a big freak. I wonder if G has more on Michelle.

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