May 23, 2022

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15 thoughts on “Sugar Bullets Salli Richardson

  1. Wow Glenn plummer, the not so cute actor from South central..whew would have never guessed that. Just Googled so I could see the pics. How they hell he bag her. And Dondre knows all this and he cool with it? What is he down with. He’s a very nice looking man and seems to stay out of trouble. What’s up with him 🤔

  2. Am I the only one that feels like she was kinda bland looking? Even in her younger years there was nothing spectacular about her to me. It had to have been her freaky ways that got her that much attention

  3. You mentioning her enjoying the poop reminds me of the skit on life after death when right before nasty boy. BIG talking about shitting on a chick that likes it.

  4. Suddenly the line “I know a little freak in Hollywood…” hits differently for me. I’m gonna think about her now when I hear that lol. I mean she is gorgeous so I get it? Lol

  5. She was probably sexually abused as a child growing up. I can’t image what else would make her participate in such disgusting whorish behavior. She probably didn’t sleep with the right white movie executives for her to not go beyond C+ status.

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