May 23, 2022

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14 thoughts on “Hot Takes 2.26.2022

  1. I really hate when peopllw say Kim K lookalike and Chaney is black. Sorry. We the originators of Kims look. Kim pale af and Chaney is my complexion. Sorry white faces and black faces are not lookalikes even if there is resemblance. Chaney is prettier to me bc Im attracted to skin if color not white skin. Hope this helps bc This disrespect of that accompliahed suster gotta stop

  2. Is the weight Vanessa put on from depression? Cuz I couldn’t imagine losing a spouse and a child at once.

    I don’t think Aaron will ever come out either especially if he is scared his family wouldn’t forgive him. That’s sad tho.

    JT and Jessica were the most odd match to begin with. And now he’s probably just gonna run through a bunch of thots and the new Robin Thicke lol

    1. Prob paid off.
      I give it another couple of years and Chris is about to be on the same road as r.kelly and trey.

  3. 20 women damn trey.

    What is the mystery illness?

    I need aaron to live for him not his family even though family is really important.

    Chaney just getting in where she fit in.

    Im trying to hear what bow wow talking about. I will forever like him.

    Teyana bitch make an album.

  4. I always thought Justin and Jessica Biel’s marriage was PR related, just as this “secret girlfriend” he’s allegedly been sleeping with. As far as Trey Songz who the hell did he piss off? And not victim shaming but how come groups of women are now coming forward especially since he hasn’t been really been hot in over a decade.

      1. People have been coming out about Trey for years. This isn’t new it’s just getting steam.

  5. Can we get details on the fight tho 👀
    Also I think y’all blocked me on iG 🤨 been supporting too long for the bs 😔

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