May 23, 2022

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20 thoughts on “Spilling Sugar on Everyone Teyana Allegedly Still Dealing With Cheating Husband

  1. Definitely saw this on tik tok . But doesnt Teyana cheat on Iman though with woman? I hope she finds healing ❤️‍🩹

    1. He won’t feel it unless it’s with a man.. I feel like if she messes around on him with other women, he sees that as an opportunity for her to invite any one of those women into their bedroom.. hence, him begging for Lori, cause they all low key already did the do together.

  2. Why stay and keep putting yourself through this? Threesomes you’re not really into and “allegedly” drug overdoses…all to put up a good front? That’s crazy….

  3. Just because Teyana has been with women doesn’t mean that she’s into that 24/7 as a woman you do try to please your man but what women have to realize is that you can’t cheat with your husband and expect him NOT to cheat with out you! Multiple partners all fun and games until the man/woman is constantly flaunting that ish in front of you. Keep extra out ya relationship and bedroom and this wouldn’t happen. She probably did that ish once being nice now he thinks he entitled to do this on the regular with or without her. Smh

  4. She needs to come out the closet she been closet for years hiding she’s bisexual but she needs to just be who she is the men in that industry don’t respect their women many of them are submissive to their men

    I’m from Harlem NYC we know what’s in these streets about these NYC rappers singers be out here fronting like they all good when they not try is one of them she should be use to that lifestyle already the tictok video is on itsonsite ig page

  5. Why doesn’t she just divorce him?
    These women in the industry are different cuz honey i would of loraina bobbit him or just leave

  6. If A Person has you ready to comment Suicide “It’s Time to Gooo!!” I’m praying for Her and those Beautiful Lil Babies!!

  7. tbh i thought Teyana was the man in that relationship. i just assumed her and Iman was swapping bitches like her and breezy was. no man is worth taking your own life especially when you have two beautiful daughters who love you

  8. And here i thought teyana was the one in control especially since I thought she preferred women over men but nah she just hiding behind a free spirited image and all that keeping it spicy in the bedroom crap is a ruse.

  9. The Tik Toker does these re-enactments of blind items that are sent to her and it’s never been a problem until someone sent it to a black blog.

    Everyone in the Western Hemisphere knows he cheats. I know women personally that’s been with him.

    How do you let outsiders in and think it’ll just stop the there?

  10. I don’t feel sorry for her. No one is putting a gun to her head to stay with him. She is causing those stress on herself. Not him. He is simply doing what she has allowed him to do

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