May 23, 2022

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14 thoughts on “Spilling Sugar On Everybody 2/26/2022

  1. Kanyes women is black! Kim K looks like her bc she bought it to look like her! So what he like created her look so yeah he likes it. But his new chick is really bad af and a therapist! Pls dont do my good sis like that! She is exactly what he needs and I pray he stays w her!!

  2. I’m tired of this black women shit. Megan wouldn’t be saying that if she had a solid fan base. Them strippers love her music.

    Jayda and her friends are dumb to me. Idgaf who they dealing with. Just like dess look dumb as hell after future.

    1. Also megan weak asf. These hose play big dawg then cry yeah you human but bitch go in the studio. Her and jt to got what it takes but they lazy and lack work ethic in my opinion.

      1. You sound dense as hell, you could never do 1/4 of what they do. With your non thinking ass foh

  3. Saweetie ready to try the other race she mixed with huh? Lol the fact she’s half Filipino and wants a Filipino man I can already see black Twitter jumping down her throat. They’ve already painted her as colorist with no real proof behind it.

  4. I love this for Saweetie.. leave these industry men and ball players alone, they ain’t shit. And if I were her and Black Twitter try to bump their gums about choosing a group outside of black men, I’d tell them to kiss my black azz!!!

  5. I swear I have been saying this, saweetie should be with a mogul or business man. She’s educated, successful, and would look great on the arm of any successful man. She’s thinking right…. funny how megan is so triggered by black women but when asian doll got dragged for defending her she was HUSH…. when kelsey got dragged and bullied by her friends she was HUSH…. bye chile

  6. Why are all the new artist complainers..Britney was literally harassed for years Meagan aint seen nothing yet of she lyin…. and if she telling the truth she deserves to be uplifted

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