May 23, 2022

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15 thoughts on “Hot Takes 2/22/2022

  1. You know drake was also on that superstar list right? You think cardi is more successful than drake? Lol she might be more than Kendrick and Cole but she ain’t more than drake and when you look at EVERYTHING not just #1’s and 1 Grammy she still hasn’t even passed Nicki yet in terms of success. For someone who always talks about how the vets constantly get disrespected by the younger generation and it’s messed up, y’all sure do sometimes disrespect the vets yourself when it comes to “friends” you’ve made in the game.

  2. T is a talented girl and I enjoy some of her songs but there isnt a super star in her… I don’t know what it is but there’s something lacking with her.

  3. It is possible the Queen is dead and the palace wants to wait until immediate family members are notified. I wouldn’t be surprised if she died when they proclaimed Camila would be the next Queen. I’ve heard rumors that she is a lizard and eats babies.

      1. It is very possible I am not sure that is the case but for jason lee sakes she better not pop back up

  4. I’m laughing way too hard. If you HAVE to say that you’re a superstar then you’re not a superstar. She can cry on social media for all she wants…your chica isn’t a superstar. She’s just not talented enough. She’s one album in and pretends she’s the biggest and best. You’re not Lauryn, not Nicki and not even close to lil Kim. Doja is the only other rap girl who has the potential to become a superstar. Besides I think the era of superstars is over.. same with supermodels.

  5. I thought Tinashe isn’t with the shits and that’s why she never blew up like that? Could y’all do more of a story on her?

  6. I can’t stand Jason Lee messy ass. I saw of video of Tinashe dancing and she gave me Ciara vibes. It’ll be interested to see what she does next. Was Jamal Edwards an industry sacrifice?

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