May 23, 2022

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7 thoughts on “Exclusive Britney Spears Be careful

  1. !!! Frightening!!! To be held against your will . Thank GOD they survived to tell it. I pray Britney gets away from them all . Including SAM . Cold world.

  2. That fiancé is def a paid opp. I hope she’s careful I read she just got a book deal as well. Folks seem to turn up dead before books are released

  3. But hardly anyone wanted to believe Ye. 🙄 we already know they do crazy shit to these celebs. Maybe Brit and Ye did die and these are the clones. Lol

    1. Kanye is definitely a clone
      Britney still ain’t free idk why ppl announce they’re gonna write a book just do it

  4. Brittany should clean house with the people that she had around her while she was in her conservatorship since they did nothing to help her & especially that boyfriend, i think he’s the fathers eyes and ears of what’s going on, i feel like he’s going to backstab her to the point she won’t even see it coming

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