May 23, 2022

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11 thoughts on “Sugar Bullets Tuesdays Asap Rocky

  1. I really wanted Chanel and him to work out but he was hurting her so perhaps it was best they broke up. As far as him being a sex addict, I hope he don’t end up cheating on RIH and is getting help with that issue. Did he and ever date Zoë Kravitz? Wonder if theyre still close friends

  2. He seems to have grown up a lil ..but he a hood dude and it can take them a lil longer.
    I hope having a child ( I think it’s a girl) will push him to fully grow up and he keeps doing right by rih.

    1. Right! Like…how has he been able to bag all these chicks?? I know money is part of it but still. He ain’t all that.

  3. I think hes a good fit, especially for her previous situation. Those two look gorgeous together and glad the queen us happy!

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