May 23, 2022

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16 thoughts on “Industry Secrets O.J Simpson and The Death Of Nicole

  1. Crazy how law enforcement will drop the ball on these high profile cases. Jon Benet, Madeliene Mcann Nd many others saaaaaaaad.

  2. Yeah I never thought OJ killed either one of them…but I agree that he knew who the killer was…..also heard rumors it was drug related…..

  3. They became so obsessed with taking down the rich black man with the white wife who loved BBC that they didn’t wanna settle on it being his no name son that nobody cared about. PD wanted That major win and it caused them to drop the ball in the end. They probably felt like they got some type of payback by locking him up years later on some petty reselling memorabilia charge or whatever it was that had him locked up for years haha

  4. It was the both of them,, which explains the blood evidence they had on oj ( that’s what kardashian couldn’t get over and the reason he ended the friendship) after alllll the crime shows that have been put out about this murder only ONE that I’ve seen explored this option and I’ve thought it was him and the son ever since

  5. OJ did have that nasty cut in his hand. The bag had the knife and Kardashian got rid of the bag. He did it.

  6. There’s a video of this on YouTube. Made so much sense but people were and still are stuck on OJ being the murderer. YES…I believe he had knowledge of what happened which is why he was willing to take the fall for his son. He was shocked himself he was found not guilty.

  7. OJ was 56(I believe his age at the time) at the time with arthritis, there was no way he could take down a 24 year old in the best shape of his life and he knew martial arts. Maybe OJ could have at ran him and that’s it.

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