May 23, 2022

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10 thoughts on “After Further Research on Tyra Banks We May Owe Naomi an Apology

  1. Hmm… in regards to ANTM, I feel as though she was mirroring what the modeling industry was really like. As cringey as those past episodes were, from the stories I’ve heard/seen from veteran models – including herself, things like that were really happening in the world of modeling. Also, she does have some mean girl tendencies in her LOL Karrine handled herself fairly well. Tyra definitely gave “axe to grind” vibes. I didn’t like the Caucasian reporter trying to start mess. Tyra handled that perfectly with the crazy smile 😆! When Tyra said, “I interview people too!” You know she wanted throw a “b*tch” at the end 🤣 And we all have heard that Naomi can be certified nasty to people so let’s not go giving out apologies just yet 😏 I say they got 50/50 responsibility for the “beef”. You guys did a dope job on this topic. Tyra will always be a west coast legend.

  2. I think over the last at least five years, more people have commented on social platforms, like YouTube, and said that they see that Tyra was the mean girl. You are right about America’s Next Top Model; I stop watching it after Cycle 10. It could not handle the toxic behavior (same thing for the Wendy William’s show). I have seen Project Runway, and that is a way better show than America’s Next Top Model. If Project Runway came before America’s Next Top Model, I think Tyra would have gotten a significant backlash.

  3. Tyra was NOT America’s first black supermodel, She wasn’t even the 3rd…. Love them all, but just wasn’t to be clear! She even had the first black supermodel in her talk show. That used to dance in studio 54 with Raymond St Jacque’s “son” – Sterling.

  4. Naomi had her issues, but Tyra was right there with her. Tyra playing the victim is for the birds. She can play dirty too. ANTM was proof of that. It always made me uneasy the way she would treat those girls, especially the Black girls. After awhile I had to stop watching. I always said Naomi wasn’t lying about Tyra’s mean girl tendencies.

  5. Maybe that’s why YOU believed Tyra. However, Naomi is a known bish and that’s why everyone I knew believed it.

  6. Did y’all just admit to giving preferentially treatment to someone cause of them being lighter and having light colored eyes? Wow I’m so disappointed, thought y’all weren’t on that colorism shit smh

  7. One thing that bothers me with America top models show is those girls were promised major modeling contract and super models status and yet none of them really succeed. Tyra is thinking about her own pocket and in her mind she wanted to be Oprah. I am team Naomi because Tyra kept capitalizing on this feud while honestly at the time she was very competitive and wanted to be number one black model. It was her and Naomi and let’s be real, it was her career.

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